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V-Day fic []

Valentine's Day Drabble

Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Homura x Kougaiji
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 296

Mod Post []

Due to a variety of reasons, I've decided to give up modship of the communities I created. I realize that I haven't been a very good mod in the past few years, and the community deserves better than that.

So, if anyone is interested in taking over modship for princeofdemons, please comment.

Thank you for understanding!



[ mood | drained ]

in case you fanfiction.net, here's the link of my story on it-



New KouxYaone fanfic []

[ mood | confused ]

I've written a new Kougaiji and Yaone fanfic...here it is


[fic] Making Room [Sanzo x Kougaiji/Kougaiji x Sanzo] []

[ mood | bouncy ]

Title: Making Room
Pairings: Sanzo x Kougaiji/Kougaiji x Sanzo
Rating: PG or K+
Author's Notes: Written for san_kou (3. Bed) and 30_angsts (31. Cold (~bloody destiny)). Thanks to purpleicicles and TwinStar for the beta.

“Using my magic in battle and using it to warm your sorry ass are two completely different things.” Kougaiji yanked more of the blanket to his side. “When I’m fighting, I’m fighting for something important.”


[fic] Static [Kougaiji x Sanzo] []

Title: Static
Pairings: Kougaiji x Sanzo
Rating: PG-13 or T
Summary: Welcome to the Hall of Fallen Enemies. Please pay attention to the tour guide as she talks about the four statues taken from Houtou Castle. No photographs, please.
Warnings: Extreme weirdness. Set WAY after the series
Author's Notes: Sort-of sequel to Jealousy. You don’t have to read the other one to get this. Written for san_kou (1. Castle). Don’t ask where this came from. Thanks to austere_flare for the beta.

Trashy Romance Novels []

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if Minekura Kazuya wrote romance novels?

85 Saiyuki Icons []

  These are mostly pretty simple icons, and there are a number of variants.

7 x Dokugakuji
6 x Gojyo
14 x Goku
9 x Hakkai
14 x Kougaiji
1 x Lirin
1 x Ni Jianyi
15 x Sanzo
7 x Yaone
11 x multi-character

Includes some Saiyuki Gaiden versions of characters.


(all here at my lj)


Selling time again! Saiyuki, Orphen, DNAngel, and other such anime/manga--some action figures and such included. Follow the link to my personal journal, por favor.

Fanfic: Gift []

[ mood | hungry ]

Title: Gift
Genre: General
Pairing (if any): none
Rating: G
Summary: It's Kougaiji's birthday but he doesn't feel very happy. But when his friends try to celebrate it with him, everything becomes better.
Crossposted: fanfiction.net
Notes: This was written during Kougaiji's birthday as a birthday gift.

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Fic: "Blessed Rainy Day" (Kougaiji/Yaone) []

Title: Blessed Rainy Day
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: R
Author: [info]redbrunja
Characters: Kougaiji & Yaone
Crossposted: Everywhere I could think of.
Author’s Note: Written for the cinco de mayo holiday meme. Dedicated to [info]snakecharmerfox.
Summery: “Think pure thoughts, he told himself. It’s a holy day.” Kougaiji tries not to think about what he can’t have, and fails miserably.

Blessed Rainy Day

Easter Ficlet

Title: A Bunny Doll Easter
Author: Brad C
Rated: PG
Charcters: Kougaiji, Nii Jienyi
Author's Note: Include a Bonus Picture.

Ficlet Challenge []

If this isn't allowed, please delete it.

I am currently lacking in inspiration like nothing on earth. Therefore, instant inspiration- in the form of you, all you wonderful people who read this journal and put up with me.

So, put simply- Give me ficlet (probably not over 1000 words, definitely not over 2000) challenges, if you please. My fandoms are as follows:

Final Fantasy VII/VIII/Advent Children
Fruits Basket
Gakuen Heaven
Gundam Wing
Weiss Kreuz
Yami no Matsuei

Read more...Collapse )
I think that's it, then. Comment, and I'll comment back with the ficlet, or answer to a question.
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Valentine's Day Drabble Collection []

I know I'm 2 days late, but... //_^"

20 shades of Love: Shade 14
Author: Kaworu
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Homura x Kougaiji
Genre: not-quite-PWP ^^"
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 305


Some Saiyuki CDs, doujinshi, and artbooks for sale, as well as other anime. All here.

Crossposted a lot.

Roar, Fiction Offerings

Title: The Story of Mara
Author: Brad C
Rated: PG
Characters: Kougaiji, Nii Jienyi
Description: Kougaiji Centric
Summary: A normal day at the palace. Kougaiji and Nii Jienyi find themselves in a small conversation, which later leads into story telling.

GokuKou fanfic []

[ mood | accomplished ]

Now, here is the first chapter of the GokuKou story I promised you. Hope you enjoy and leave commis^^

Titel: Fairytale
Pairing: GokuKougaiji
Author: the great SacralGral, or did you think otherwise?
Summary: 200 years have passed since the end of the Saiyuki series and Goku happens upon a certain prince bound to a certain castle. Not AU. At least not in my opinion.

Read more...Collapse )

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[ mood | busy ]

I wondered...Can I put up GokuxKougaijis FFs here, too? I just finsihed one and would like to share it.

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Requesting Help []

[ mood | creative ]

Alright I was listening to a CD when a couple of the songs screamed "Kougaiji" at me, and I want to make an Amv. I have quite a bit of it worked out in my mind of things I could use, But I'm lacking clips. :( I would apperchiate it if anyone cold give me clips of Kougaiji, his group, Gyokumen Koshu, Ni Jianyi, or clips from his 2ND fight with Goku in Saiyuki. Reload and Gunlock clips are welcome as well. (in fact some would help)If you want me to post lyrics of anything to help , so you might get a better of idea of what I'm working with it's no problem. Thanks ~Kira


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